What we offer

A fully personalized trip in Amsterdam

Are you looking for a fully personalized trip in Amsterdam? We would like to arrange this for you! Whether you are looking to visit the cities’ main attractions or less popular spots, we know the city inside out. As local citizens we are able to show you the best places of the city, arrange the best deals with local businesses and share the cities’ best kept secrets.

Whether you are visiting Amsterdam as a tourist or for business purposes, or a combination of both, we offer a personalized schedule for everyone. After all, Amsterdam has a lot to offer and we will do our very best to take care of all your requirements.

Would you like to experience Amsterdam in a unique way? Let us take care of this by arranging a personalized trip in Amsterdam for you. This way you will be sure your stay will be unforgettable. We offer the following:

Personal advice

Are you looking for the perfect hotel or conference room, the newest fancy restaurants, the hippest bars or the best or weirdest shops in Amsterdam? We will advice you on all of this to make sure your trip will be unforgettable. Let us know your wishes and we will create a personalized schedule for you. That’s what we mean by a fully personalized trip in Amsterdam.

Business Assistance

Are you visiting Amsterdam for business purposes? In that case it will be ideal to have a personal assistant to arrange everything for you. Whether it has to do with finding a hotel or restaurant, a conference room or arrange a taxi, your Amsterdam PA will take care of all of this. Of course your personal assistant can also show you around Amsterdam and take you to the most beautiful and special parts of the city. Now that’s a great business trip!

Personal Assistance

Would you like to get personal assistance during your stay in Amsterdam? We would like to offer you this service. Your personal assistant will take you to the hotspots of the city and will assist you wherever necessary. That’s how we make your stay extremely appealing!

We share our city with the world. Would you like to witness that? Contact us for a memorable stay.


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