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Experience Authentic Amsterdam

Would you like to experience authentic Amsterdam in a unique way? We would like for you to get a taste of the amazing atmosphere of Amsterdam. Experience how citizens live their daily life in historic buildings, small street and besides idyllic canals. A mix between history and modern culture. Let the locals inspire you. Experience the hidden parts of this beautiful city and enjoy the hotspots of today.

Day or weekend Amsterdam

Whether you are visiting Amsterdam for a day or a weekend, there is always enough time to enjoy more than only the highlights. Discovering authentic Amsterdam is more than just a walk through the city center. With our tips and suggestions, we make Amsterdam feel like home. Would you like for us to arrange every part of your trip? We will be more than happy to put a fully personalized schedule together for you. The best solution for you to make the most of your stay in Amsterdam!

Fully personalized

We create a full day or weekend schedule based on your requirements and your budget. Do you have any specific requirements? We are here to help you. Would you like a surprise? That’s also perfect. Discovering authentic Amsterdam can be done in many ways. Would you like to experience this on your own? Then a day or weekend schedule is the ideal option for you. Your Amsterdam PA will put this together, but will not take you around.

How does it work?

Did you choose day or weekend package ‘Discover Authentic Amsterdam’? We will then create a fully personalized schedule for you based on your requirements. All correspondence upfront will be between you and one dedicated contact person via email. The full schedule, route maps, public transport options, tickets if necessary and other information will be emailed to you or send to you via post. Of course Your Amsterdam PA will be available on mobile throughout your stay in case there are any questions.


The day and weekend package ‘Discover Authentic Amsterdam’ has a fixed priced up to a maximum of 4 people. For bigger groups, a different price will be discussed. Also, in case of a short notice booking, the price can vary depending on the requirements.

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98,-     186,-

  • Complete day program
  • Tailor made
  • Based on your budget
  • One designated contact
  • Extremely flexible

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